A Mystery
1.Well I've been thinkin bout mysteries for a long long time like pickin fleas off a
dog in the everlovin month of June, And June soon becomes July, are you
confused? Well so am I, watch the butter fly to the man up in the moon.
But why, why , can't I open up your heart to see and like the pyramids and the
Resurrection, Immaculate Conception, you'll always be a mystery to me.
3. I remember Sister Ernestine, she had a face that was in between an iceberg
and a bottle of muscatel, and I'd like to watch that rosary hang down around
black hosiery though an impure thought could get you time in hell.
4. Now the day I met you I was drunk, you fell into my life.....kerplunk, well I just
turned around and you were there, I never realized you had such class but you
certainly had a beautiful mind underneath that beautiful head of hair.
5. We made love in the mezzanine and I would think of Ernestine sayin  "Oh my
God if she could see us now"  I'd say "sister dear how can this be" and she'd say
"Its a mystery, deny it and you turn into a cow!!!"
6. No bolts of lightning struck me there I got no warts in my underwear and I
never felt like breaking into a bank, but I got you and you got me, that in itself's a
mystery so maybe it's Ernestine we ought to thank.
Yes you'll always be a mystery like the Holy Ghost and the Trinity, you'll always
be a mystery to me.
© 1990 Arthur Martello
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2. I went  to Holy Trinity and the nuns there said "A Mystery is something you
are never ever gonna find, With words like omnipotency and transubstantiation,
gee I think I almost nearly lost my mind.
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