This is David. He is not for sale. He is carved from basswood and enjoys his home in the mountains with all of his tree relatives. Woody was made from wood dough after being cast and molded. He had moving eyes and raising brows. He now resides in the South after being sold to a gent named Reverend Jim.
The following figures are rebuilt from old 1970 Charlie McCarthy or Simon Says dolls.
This is a Charlie McCarthy doll. He is basically a doll with a pull string in the back to make his mouth move. This is the way he looks before he goes into the Martello Home for Monacle Scarred Dolls a moving mouth.
After weeks of refurbishing which includes: Moving eyes,  a new neck and control stick,  a new body that is hollow so that the had can turn 360 degrees (same arms and legs), a new spring activated mouth control,  new paint,  a real wig and all new clothes including real shoes (not those cheap plastic things you see in the above photo)..............A new Charlie was born.
He can look like the one above or the one below.
Same goes for this Simon Says doll who also got a Martello makeover.
The figure above looked something like this in his former life
Check out this ad below!! It is an ebay ad with the pictures you see here. It is the Simon Says doll that I reconditioned. The seller who bought it from me has added a hat and some more clothes and is reselling it on ebay. I like the part about the "skilled doll maker".
Reconditioned "Simon Says" doll. These are the following changes: Attached wig(like he has real hair), Mouth(string changed to a metal spring device inside head with lever attached to dowel head stick for movement, so his mouth has free motion as if he really was talking, Eyes(cut out and replaced with doll eyes, both move left or right and return to center, right eye has slightly less motion than the left eye, lever attached to dowel head stick for control as if Simon is looking to either side, Head(by putting your hand inside his body the head can be turned left or right with dowel head stick, also face painted in flesh tone colored paint to make him look more alive, enhanced with felt eyebrows. Cloths(3 pairs of pants, 2 jackets, 1 sweater, 2 shirts and 3 turtle necks, 1 pair of new OshKosh blue and white shoes and red hat. Some of these cloth are hand me downs and will need to be altered down to fit Simons small body...Comes with old time traveling suit case for easy carry. Also included is the book "Secrets of Ventriloquism" by Calostro. This is a one of a kind ventriloquist doll. Recondition by a skilled doll maker. I would consider this a professional doll. The only other motions a professional ventrioquist doll might have would be, eyelids and eyebrows. Do not miss out on this auction....
Here are some other creations, but all have been sold
Both figures above have been sold. The figure on the right is now named Trevor and resides on Long Island with a young ventriloquist named Christian.
Jasper (sold)
Jasper was a Bill Andersen Head that I finished and added raising eyebrows. He was combination of wood dough.and magi sculpt. 
Perkins (sold)
Perkins was a Bill Andersen head with Brose hands. I built the body.
Luke (sold)
Luke  was a Mike Brose casting and all mechanics are butter smooth!!! He is featured on both Mike Brose's site and Al Stevens rogues gallery.
Marcus (sold)
Marcus had  left to right self centering eyes and full winkers His body included Mike Brose hands and feet. All mechanics were  brass, but like all the others he now resides elswhere.
Of course, this whole thing began through the influence of one of the great stars in the world of ventriloquism, Jerry Mahoney (his voice has changed a bit in his older years but he doesn't look a day older).
ClickJerry's Photo  for Real Video
Who said it was your site Gerry?
The figure above is not one that I made. He was made by one of the masters of figure making, Jerry Layne. This is the only vent figure authorized and licensed by Paul Winchell and is cast from the original figure.
Paul Winchell  who passed away in 2005 has his own web site. He was a very interesting and multi talented man. Did you know that he invented an artificial heart? Did you know that he coined the phrase ;tah tah for now as the voice of Tigger in Winnie the Pooh? His autobiography, "Winch" is a revealing look at a very troubled life. Check out his web site by clicking the photo below.
Lets not forget Danny O'Day and his creator, Jimmy Nelson  who was also an influence to me and many others. (Click photo)
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